Proactive services

Driven by personal dedication and “Hands-On” approach, our team actively engages and works closely with varies companies to achieve business objectives.
Ori katz Oz specializes in reconstruction and turn around processes, and uses his expertise and knowledge to help technology companies to turn their ideas into industry-leading commercial initiatives that make an impact on the world.
We will provide the highest level of business support and strategic guidance needed to drive technologies ideas to success.


Granot Ventures is an active, Well known and connected player in the VC's and high-tech markets - Israel and worldwide, with high-level strategic networks across industries. Companies will benefits from Granot venture's domestic and international networking base.


With vast experience in raising substantial amount in capital for several VC's and public companies, we will offer our expertise in taking part of raising initial and next stage investments in order to accelerate company growth

Business Development

Companies gain direct access to the vast experience of Granot Ventures' management team providing them with a comprehensive set of business development, strategy, marketing, human resource, regulation and other support services.

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